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Happy Students

I trained with Jody almost 8 years ago when I first started my Permanent Makeup journey. She was amazing and her training and passion for the industry helped to inspire me to become the artist I am today. The infection Control training I received from Jody was so thorough and so informative. After the training, I felt fully confident to perform treatments in the safest possible way, and this has stayed with me throughout. Rebecca

What our students say

I would highly recommend this course, infection control can be easily overlooked but is a vital area to practice safely as a beauty technician to a PMU artist. This course is well laid out to give the background information to understand why you follow such procedure such as hand wash hygiene to surface decontamination and everything in between, in a rapidly changing environment we need to keep our standards high and knowledge is key. Personally I would revisit this course yearly to keep my CPD up to date with any changes in standards but also to make sure I’m not going to slip into any bad habits, I feel it’s up there with courses such as first aid and all those frequently changing courses that are vital for your salon.
By the end of this course, you will have covered all areas in infection control and have a greater understanding to be able to adapt routines into your personal working environment, I’m so pleased I’ve completed this course and feel I can practice treatments in the safest workspace. Thank you, Jody

Rachel Jenkinson

I have had a few training days and assessments with Jody for permanent makeup, she is always very thorough, knowledgable and so friendly! She made me feel at ease when training in such a clinical beauty treatment. (In which case as a newbie you can feel quite nervous about performing these treatments)
I always felt like Jody was watching and was ready to help at the drop of a hat, whatever i needed she would be there with a smile! She’s calmed me down so much about certain situations … and I love how particular she is about her trade, making you feel confident to go ahead and perform the treatment when you’ve passed an assessment because you know she wants to get you at a high quality level before setting you out into the world! Thanks Jody for giving me a great training experience and continued support through the years  you’re the best 🥳 xxx

Chelsea Wilson